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KIWAMI TENKARA, the pinnacle of Level Line Cast Rod


This rod is the result of a long time trial and error process to make it as light as possible while reproducing a bamboo rod action.

The rod is made in Japan from the design to the manufacturing process, combining traditional and cutting-edge techniques to create one of the lightest rods of its size in the world.
The body of the rod is screwed with carbon thread to create bellows shape, which minimizes rod body shake and allows anglers to cast level lines to accurately bring the fly.

We repeatedly tested by fishing Japanese Trout, Yamame and Iwana to confirm the casting ability and the resistance to miss the fish.
In addition, we have been able to realize that the lightness and lack of shaking of the rod reduces fatigue after long hours of fishing for a whole day.

Slender and ultra-light weight to reduce air resistance, enabling anglers to enjoy stress-free Tenkara fishing with light rod action.

Available in two lengths, 3.3m and 3.8m

6:4 (Action)
AA grade cork grip
Solid tip
Rod bag made of cloth

MODEL LENGTH(m[ft]) Weight(g[oz]) SECTION Closed Length(cm) Original diameter(mm) Tip diameter(mm) Carbon content Rod action Price($) JAN CODE
RP-TNKIWAMI-33 3.3 [10'8"] 55 [1.9] 7 58 11.4 0.65 99% 6:4 188 4580516583045
RP-TNKIWAMI-38 3.8 [12'4"] 70 [2.4] 8 58 13 0.65 99% 6:4 198 4580516583052

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