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Level line Cast compatible Tenkara rod



In terms of manufacturing methods, we combine traditional techniques and advanced technology, and finished it as the domestic top class lightweight rod.

By winding the carbon line around the body with a screw, the unevenness of the carcass can be minimized by making irregularities to achieve a highly accurate cast

On top of slenderness, it's super lightweight so it has less resistance, to air and you can enjoy stress-free Tenkara fishing.

There are two types of lineup: 3.3 m (10.8ft) and 3.8 m (12.4ft).
Adopt AA grade cork for grip
solid tip
cloth rod bag

MODEL LENGTH(m[ft]) Weight(g[oz]) SECTION Closed Length(cm) Original diameter(mm) Tip diameter(mm) Carbon content Condition Price(Dollar) JAN CODE
RP-TNKIWAMI-33 3.3 [10'8"] 55 [1.9] 7 58 11.4 0.65 99% Tone condition (6: 4 tone) 188 4580516583045
RP-TNKIWAMI-38 3.8 [12'4"] 70 [2.4] 8 58 13 0.65 99% Tone condition (6: 4 tone) 198 4580516583052

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