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Our Products

  • Fighting design compartment fly box M

    ・ Fighting design 8 compartment fly box ・ In the clear window, take the best out and check the contents…

  • Line Clipper Basic

    Line Clipper Basic ·With excellent sharpness, you can easily cut from backing line to tippet. ·Made of stainless steel and…

  • Tenkara rod tube

    Tenkara rod tube ・ Semi-hard case ・Lightweight, compact and easy to carry. ・Can accommodate multiple rods with a final dimension…

  • Title logo cap FIRST

    Title logo cap FIRST ・ Six partition design ・ Head mesh material ・ Fit adjustment by snap Size Free size…

  • Cast supporter

    Cast supporter ・Fix the wrist and correct the tendency of the wrist to move during fly casting. ・There is no…

  • Amadou trout dryer

    Amadou trout dryer ・ Fry dryer that cuts out the part called "Amadou", a natural mushroom from Italy ・ It…


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Notice of new product (Hurst Native 8’6 “# 4 4 piece carbon rod RP-HU 8644)

New item
River peak (River peak) Hurst Native 8 '6 "# 4 4 pieces
Carbon rod RP - HU 8644 began selling.
Please check here for detailed specs etc.

2017 August 30

We have set up an official blog.

We have set up an official blog.

I am pleased if you can see new product information and fishing diary.

river peak official blog

2017 February 2

The website has been renewal.

The website has been renewal.

We added various contents including product information.

Thank you river peak.

2017 January 20

We started recruiting job openings.

We started recruiting job openings.

Please refer to career information for details.

We are waiting for a lot of recruitment.

From recruitment staff

2015 June 1

We opened a website.

We opened a website.

river peak aims to be a brand loved by everyone as a fly fishing tackle regardless of domestic and international.

Best regard.

Representative Director, Yuzuru Morimoto.

2014 November 10