Rain sling

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Rain sling
13L large capacity waterproof sling bag

600 denier nylon fabric is used for the main fabric. Super water repellent TPU coating on both sides of the fabric.
Since the fabric of a general high-spec tent is made of a material of about 150 denier, the book bag of 600 denier fabric uses a very strong material.
The joints of the fabrics are very firmly joined by compression processing with an ultrasonic sewing machine.

In addition, two parts of the inner part, two pockets of the inner part, three pieces of a small pocket, and three pieces of a sample of small items.

It's good to see the inner part of the body.

A ring and a small pouch with immediate access to gear are installed at the front.
The small pouch has two mesh pockets on the left and right that can store and hold small items, and two straps that allow you to hang small items.

A total of 3 straps that can hold rod cases etc. are installed on the back side.
There are various ways to use it, such as installing a rod case and landing net.

A mesh drink holder that can be held firmly is installed on the bottom.
Just tilt the back to enable instant access to drinks.

Left and right changeable shoulders and adjustable shoulder and waist belts that can be held firmly

Regarding the field test, we conducted fishing especially in the fresh water area and confirmed the storage and holding power of gear and food necessary for one day fishing, waterproofness on rainy days, and convenience of access to gear.

The bag is completed to adjust to the fishing scene throughout the year, not to mention the rainy season.

Uses a highly airtight rubber zipper cover for salt fishing.
* However, if the metal part is left with salt attached, it may cause rust, so wipe it off regularly.

【Product specifications】
Storage capacity: 13L
Longest part size: length 44 cm x width 24 cm
Small pouch size: length 10 cm x width 10 cm x depth 5 cm
Size: Free
Color variations: GRAY, BEIGE

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ModelColorweight(g)Price(yen)JAN CODERelease date
RP-FB900GRGRAYabout 85014,30045805165889272021/05/26
RP-FB900BEBEIGEabout 85014,30045805165889342021/05/26