river peak Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fly fishing and Tenkara products

Trade Name river peak Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment May 1, 2014
Address 3F 2-10-28 Nakano-Kita Itami Hyogo JAPAN
Postal code 664-0029
Contact Address Tel: 072-703-7728 Fax: 072-703-7728
Business Content Planning, manufacturing and sales of fly fishing and Tenkara products
CEO Morimoto Yuzuru

MissionOur Mission

Through the play of fly fishing, we are connected to society widely. It will never become a boom, but will gradually permeate society.

River peak Co., Ltd. was established with the hope that many people would share the play of “fishing” that can continue to shine as a hobby for a lifetime.

Isn’t it necessary to “redefine” the industry in order to realize it? Fishing locations, fishing gear, and communities in every way.

Our model of behavior is
1. Always keep improving
2. Respect different opinions
3. Think globally

Deploy it to the members, and be thorough in returning to the original intention when you are about to make a mistake.
We will continue to liven up the world of fly fishing in a positive and fun way without compromising our beliefs.

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