Our fly line starts at $21 (excluding tax) per line.
In order for customers who are new to our company and fly lines to know about our company and fly lines for the first time, we want them to know other points than the price when making a purchase decision.

I will explain the features below.

About fly line performance

First of all, regarding hardness, most customers feel that it is softer than other companies’ lines.
As for the reason for its softness, the braided Dacron (a material often used for backing lines) is used for the core, so it is strong and soft.
Dacron may also be used by other companies, but there are many other materials used in lines distributed in Japan.


Even in cold conditions, the line does not become stiff, so you can cast stably without losing flexibility.

There is almost no line peculiarity when fishing after storing the reel for a long time or breaking the line during hand twisting.
Compared to a hard line, it is possible to reduce the impact on the water surface when landing.

In addition, we also offer a lineup of colors that other companies do not have, centering on sand colors.


Due to the softness of the line, if you use it in hot summer conditions such as at a lake, the line will lose its stiffness, and you may find it difficult to cast long distances of 20m or more.
(We received opinions from customers who usually use hard lines.)

About the price

We reduce costs by producing many fly lines of the same shape at overseas factories without going through middlemen. In order to reduce the cost, we have also omitted the spool.
Also, the list price is not set high because there is no middleman on the distribution channel.

Regarding durability

Because it is soft, it does not mean that it is not durable. Just like other companies’ lines, regular maintenance with cleaners, etc., will allow you to use it for more than 3 seasons.

About performance

Six years have passed since the launch of the line, and a total of 20,000 units have been shipped in the series.
After using it once, many repeat customers say, “I want to use other counts” and “I want to use other colors.”

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