river peak fly rod warranty
Revised on January 01, 2019

Warranty Period

1 year from date of purchase (once only)

Warranty Details

During the warranty period, it is valid only if it is damaged under normal conditions of use.

  • In the damaged rod, after confirming the degree of damage, we will replace the damaged part.
  • The guarantee amount is 20% of the list price (excluding tax) regardless of the parts.
  • It is possible to repair products for which the warranty period has expired, but we will estimate the amount of the warranty each time.
  • If the product is discontinued or the same product is not in stock, we will replace it with an equivalent product (model change product, etc.) of our rod. In this case, the price will be 20% of the replacement product list price (excluding tax).
    *25% will be charged for second and subsequent repairs, or if more than one year has passed since purchase.

Valid Provisions of Warranty

  • Please have your proof of purchase (receipt, card details, purchase details) ready and contact our customer service directly. Warranty is void without proof of purchase.
  • You will be responsible for the shipping costs for returning damaged items or sending replacement items.
  • Products sold overseas are not covered by the warranty.

Invalidity of warranty

We cannot guarantee without proof of purchase.

  • We do not guarantee the modification of the rod by the customer or the disassembled product due to unreasonable repair.
  • We cannot guarantee damage caused by external factors such as natural disasters.

river peak Customer Service

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