Knot Cover

$4,95 (Tax Included)

To prevent troublesome knots from getting caught. Also for the protection of the guide.

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Knot Cover

To prevent troublesome knots from getting caught. Also for the protection of the guide.

It cleans up the joints of PE & leader, fly line & leader.

Also protects guides from contact with knots.

The special synthetic rubber material has excellent elasticity and durability.

There are two types of colors: clear, which is hard to stand out, and orange, which can also be used as a mark.

The product itself has some buoyancy (it doesn’t work as a float), but it’s enough buoyancy that it doesn’t interfere with the sinking line.

Conversely, it does not interfere with the buoyancy of the floating line.

It also protects small swivels and hook tips for lure and bait fishing.

[Approximate size]

“S” for PE & Leader

For fly line & leader

#0-#3: “S”

#4-#6: “M”

#7-#10: “L”

It is also effective at the time of LoopToLoop connection between fly lines. (The size in that case is “L”)

*This is only a guide as it depends on the size of the knot.

[actual size]

“S” Overall length: 10mm Width at widest part: 2.5mm

“M” Overall length: 13mm Width at widest part: 3.1mm

“L” Total length: 16mm Width at widest part: 3.6mm

6 pieces per pack



Model Size Color Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-TL2700SC S CLEAR 4.95 4580516588828 2021/06/16
RP-TL2700SO S ORANGE 4.95 4580516588835 2021/06/16
RP-TL2700MC M CLEAR 4.95 4580516588842 2021/06/16
RP-TL2700MO M ORANGE 4.95 4580516588859 2021/06/16
RP-TL2700LC L CLEAR 4.95 4580516588866 2021/06/16
RP-TL2700LO L ORANGE 4.95 4580516588873 2021/06/16


Weight 1 g

S, M, L


Clear, Orange

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