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The concept is “fishing a mountain maiden in a flat river”

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The concept is “fishing a mountain maiden in a flat river”
Composite blanks with 75% glass and 25% carbon
Slow action
With 4-piece rod socks


When aiming for a mountain maiden in a flat river, I don’t want to hit the surface of the water with a line as much as possible so that the fish will not be noticed.
In such a case, it is effective to fish with a line leader as thin as possible and a soft glass rod, but there is a drawback that casting is difficult if the rod is too soft.
In order to solve the problem, I mixed 25% of carbon and applied force to the rod bat to give the rod “a little” tension.

The finish of the blanks themselves is an unsanded finish.
It is finished without extra painting with an emphasis on strength and lightness.

The guide adopts a single foot.
It brings out a beautiful bend without putting a burden on the blanks.

It is a rod that can send a fly to a certain distance, draws a beautiful curve from the bat when caught by a fish, and is hard to bend.

Please in the field where delicacy is required


MODEL LINE No.(#) LENGTH(ft[m]) PCS. Closed Length (cm) Weight(g) Action Grip Type Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release date
RP-YM-8024 2 8’0″[2.43] 4 64 41.5 Slow Cigar 407.00 4580516588378 2021/2/10
Rod Blanks 110.00 2021/2/10
Weight 100 g

8ft0in #2, Rod Blanks

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