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Full SIC Guide Fly Rod
The concept of the rod is to cast 30m~ “effortlessly”

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Full SIC Guide Fly Rod

The concept of the rod is to make it “easy” to cast 100ft and up.

The advantage of SIC guides is that there is very little interference (friction) with the line.
Therefore, it is harder to brake the line and easier to achieve longer casting distance.
When casting overhead, anglers can feel a strong “pulling sensation” from the line slippage on the back cast, and on the forward cast, anglers can feel the line going out without any resistance.

The main blanks are made of 40T high modulus carbon, which is lightweight and has excellent rod power.
The rod itself has a slightly fast taper and is designed to have strong butt power, allowing anglers to fight with big fish with ease.

[Product Specs #6]
Length: 9FT
Number of splices: 4
Weight: 85g

[Product Specs #8]
Length: 9ft
Number of splices: 4
Weight: 94g

Action: Fast
Guide: FujiProduct stainless steel SIC guide
Top Guide: FujiProduct SIC Arowana Top
Reel seat: Double up screw (mahogany)
Rod sock included


[Here are some disadvantages]
When casting a fly rod with SIC guides, the loop tends to be tighter because there is less interference (friction) with the line.
Hence, if you are not used to it, you may not be able to make a good turn.
If you are fishing without the need for a turn, this is not much of a concern, but if you need it, you can make the turn easier by slightly raising the rod or tugging on the line after shooting.
Even with these disadvantages, we believe that fly rods with SIC guides have a great advantage, especially in terms of distance.


MODEL LINE No.(#) LENGTH(ft[m]) PCS. Closed Length (cm) Weight(g) Action Grip Type Reel Seat Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-SCSIC-9064 6 9’0″[2.74] 4 72 85 Fast Fullwell Double upscrew (Mahogany) 495.00 4580516593686 2023/9/28
RP-SCSIC-9084 8 9’0″[2.74] 4 72 94 Fast Fullwell Double upscrew (Mahogany) 495.00 4580516593693 2023/9/28


Weight 100 g

#6, #8

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