Yarn Indicator

$5,50 (Tax Included)

A standard indicator with sufficient buoyancy without interfering with casting.

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Yarn-type marker for luresnning

A standard indicator that does not interfere with casting and has sufficient buoyancy. It is an easy-to-use marker that clearly indicates a bite (strike) and is easy to see even when casting long distances.
The marker is made of carefully selected yarn material with sufficient buoyancy, with minimal parts other than the yarn.

[How to use]
Thread the fixing tube through the tippet.
Insert the main body of the yarn indicator into the fixing tube and fix it in place.
Apply Floatant to the body of the yarn indicator before use. (Liquid type floatant is recommended.)


Yarn indicator body x 2, fixing tube x 4 (including 2 spares) Made in Japan

[Recommended use size]
M size: Tungsten beads fly up to 2.8mm
L size: fly of 2.8 mm or more *This is only a guideline.


Model Size Color Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-IG500MO M Orange 5.50 4580516592313 2022/12/28
RP-IG500MP M Pink 5.50 4580516592320 2022/12/28
RP-IG500LO L Orange 5.50 4580516592337 2022/12/28
RP-IG500LP L Pink 5.50 4580516592344 2022/12/28


Weight 1 g

M, L


Orange, Pink

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