Bamboo Tenkara Spool

$27,50 (Tax Included)

A device winding that allows you to enjoy the rich texture of bamboo

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Bamboo Tenkara Spool

Large size.
A cushion band is wrapped around the inside so it won’t get curled easily.

Hook the lint on the metal fittings in the oval hole, wrap the line around the spool as it is, and finally fix it with the spool band.

A bamboo tenkara pool that allows you to enjoy the rich texture of bamboo.

We have also produced a wide variety of carefully selected design variations.

*Since laser engraving is performed on natural materials, there may be slight variations in color and texture.


Spool Diameter: 80mm Central Hole Diameter: 16mm Thickness: 11mm Weight: 35g
With spool band


Model Style Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-TN-BS100 01_ Frog 27.50 4580516592221 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS200 02_ Rabbit and Frog 27.50 4580516592238 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS300 03_ Wire Art Trout 27.50 4580516592245 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS400 04_Tenkara Rod 27.50 4580516592252 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS500 05_Deer 27.50 4580516592269 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS600 06_Trout 27.50 4580516592276 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS700 07_極テンカラ 27.50 4580516592283 2023/02/02
RP-TN-BS800 08_river peak 27.50 4580516592290 2023/02/02
Weight 1 g

01_ Frog, 02_ Rabbit and Frog, 03_ Wire Art Trout, 04_Tenkara Rod, 05_Deer, 06_Trout, 07_極テンカラ, 08_river peak

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商品再入荷お知らせ 商品入荷時にメールでお知らせします。 ご希望の場合、メールアドレスをご入力ください。