Indicator Tippet 30m

$22,00 (Tax Included)

Essential items for Euro Nymphing

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Essential item for Euro Nymphing Indicator Tippet
You won’t miss a fine hit with a good color.

The color alternates between yellow and orange every 40cm.
The capacity is 30m, which is economical, and can be changed frequently when deterioration or length change is desired.

Easy indicator just to tie
Please use it after extending the winding habit just before fishing.
Tightening it will make it easier to hit.

Accessories: Spool band

Made In Japan


Model size Standard Diameter(mm) length m Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-TI200IT0X 0x 0.30 30 22.00 4580516592528 2023/04/06
RP-TI200IT2X 2x 0.24 30 22.00 4580516592535 2023/04/06
RP-TI200IT4X 4x 0.18 30 220.00 4580516592542 2023/04/06
Weight 1 g

0x(3号), 2x(2号), 4x(1号)

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