Maiden Forcep

$20,90 (Tax Included)

The spring-loaded mechanism allows one-handed opening and closing, even when wearing gloves.

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Stainless steel forsep

This is an excellent four-in-one machine that can crush barbs, clear clogged eyes with the eye opener, and also comes with a line cutter.

A spring is included for one-handed opening and closing.

A hole for attaching a strap is also provided on the handle.

When fishing, you want to reduce the number of tools you wear as much as possible.
If you have too many tools, your line will get tangled in them, and you will have to spend a lot of time looking for them, which will make fishing less efficient.
This FOURSEP can crush barbs, remove jammed eyes, and cut lines, making it an excellent four-in-one tool.

The spring-loaded mechanism allows you to open and close it with one hand even when wearing gloves.


Model Color Weight(g) size(in/cm) Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-TL3900 Black 30 4.7/12 20.90 4580516592443 2023/02/09
Weight 1 g
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