FLUORO-X Fluorocarbon Tippet 50m

$13,86 (Tax Included)

High sensitivity design to catch even the slightest bite.

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・he moderate hardness of the surface prevents thread tangling, while improving durability against friction that often occurs during fishing.
High specific gravity (1.78) to quickly adapt to water and disappear from fish’s sight
High sensitivity design to catch even the slightest bite
CLEAR, 50m roll, made in Japan


The tippet made of 100% fluorocarbon is superior to nylon in friction durability.
It also has less elasticity, so it is more sensitive and does not miss even the slightest bite.

Its knotting strength is inferior to nylon as the nature profile of Fluorocarbon.


Model size Standard Siameter(mm) Strong Straight ine(lb) Length m Price(dollar) JAN CODE Release Date
RP-TI100-FLUOROX2X 2x 0.235 10.1 50 13.86 4580516590487 2021/12/03
RP-TI100-FLUOROX3X 3x 0.205 8.2 50 13.86 4580516590494 2021/12/03
RP-TI100-FLUOROX4X 4x 0.165 5.6 50 13.86 4580516590500 2021/12/03
RP-TI100-FLUOROX5X 5x 0.148 4.8 50 13.86 4580516590517 2021/12/03
RP-TI100-FLUOROX6X 6x 0.128 3.6 50 13.86 4580516590524 2021/12/03
RP-TI100-FLUOROX7X 7x 0.104 1.9 50 13.86 4580516590531 2021/12/03


Weight 1 g

2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x

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