Zero fiber

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Synthetic material with 0% water absorption

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Synthetic material with 0% water absorption

Can be used as a body, wing, or post material for dry fly patterns.
For streamer and minnow patterns, it is easy to cast with good drainage and lightness.

Floats without floatant treatment, and even if it loses buoyancy, it regains it by casting.

Total length: approx. 13 cm


Fine-textured, soft but firm material that allows for high flexibility in tying.
The contact surface with the water grips the water, making it possible to create dry flies that are not easily dragged.

The fibers are voluminous, so just wrap more around the body,
You can wind a large tele-strike pattern dry fly that is a big fish killer.

An easy and recommended dry fly made with Zero Fiber is to wrap dubbing material around the body of the hook and use a darker color on the bottom as a wing,
Wrap the body of the hook with dubbing material and wrap the top with a light-colored Zero Fiber as a wing, and you have a caddis with good visibility and fish reaction. No hackle is needed.


Model Color Price(yen) JAN CODE 発売日
RP-MT-ZF100 01_Beige 715 4580516593723 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF200 02_White 715 4580516593730 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF300 03_Olive Tan 715 4580516593747 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF400 04_Gray 715 4580516593754 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF500 05_UV Pink 715 4580516593761 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF600 06_Black 715 4580516593778 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF700 07_UV Mint 715 4580516593785 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF800 08_Light Yellow 715 4580516593792 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF900 09_Olive 715 4580516593808 2023/11/09
RP-MT-ZF1000 10_UV Chartreuse 715 4580516593815 2023/11/09
Weight 1 g

01_Beige, 02_White, 03_Olive Tan, 04_Gray, 05_UV Pink, 06_Black, 07_UV Mint, 08_Light Yellow, 09_Olive, 10_UV Chartreuse

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